how to create a blog

how to create a blog

how to create a blog

if you can start a blog then, I can start a blog in 15-20 minutes without any knowledge of the programming language and coding.
if you are new to the start blogging and running fast, but you are thinking some frustration to start blogging.

how to create a blog

I am going to start to create the blog to divided some easy steps:

1. choosing blogging place/platform
2. choosing the hosting place/platform
3. set up domain & hosting to blogger
4. WordPress setting
5. adding some posts to the blog

if you follow my all steps then, you will be created and be running in 15-20 minute to the blog.

firstly, I will change some background with help of the tool.

secondly, you will be setting the blog and adding some posts and publishing.

now I will start now!

how to create a blog

1. blogging platform

some blogging platform is available on internet like as:

1. WordPress
2. blogger

and many other platforms is available on the internet.

WordPress is most famous blogger platform and much growing on the internet. mostly websites are made by WordPress on the internet. because WordPress is easy to use and more reliable than another blogging platform.

how to create a blog

WordPress is amazing because of its many reasons…

its use to free including plugins themes and many more which are available on WordPress.

its use to very easy every beginner is want to use this platform.

it is very secure to other blogging platform and WordPress always updating.

it is very easy to use to customize.changing plugins and themes every time just to want.

WordPress( .com / .org )

two types of blogs in WordPress. you choose the right way to select .org or .com.

if you interest to earn money with the blog then, some money is required to buy a self-hosted account for professional purposes. are providing free hosting and domain’s very easy to use to WordPress.

with the work with WordPress, you will gain some limited control.WordPress is seeing a right place for ads and make some revenue for your blog. you are not able to place ads anywhere on that version.

if you are pay limited amount for hosting then, you cannot properly utilize the data. if you pay the better amount then, you are gain some extra features.

you are limited to design if you are free. if you are buying the paid theme, then you are upgraded.

many other disadvantages of a free blog.

the blogging platform is not free totally!

free blogging platform like as:

how much cost to buy domain & hosting

most of hosting company are the different rate to buy hosting and can buy hosting and domain these websites like as:

how to create a blog

site ground
blue host

these websites are very big to buy hosting and domain.


in many years, I will be gain a many of experience these fields. I am choosing a very big name for web hosting. these hosting are not really good.

there are some things are you need to consider the best hosting.

1. page load speed
2- uptime
3- support to customer


HostGator is the famous company to provide hosting services. every person recommends to the Hostgator for hosting services. HostGator are optimized with a standard of WordPress.
sometimes HostGator provides the offers and support resources. HostGator are reliable pricing for every person as well as for beginners. they provide services for the beginner who did not know to set up this hosting.

HostGator are wonderful for some reason:

. Hostgator are providing customer 24 hours.
. HostGator are providing the reliable server.
. HostGator are provided SSL services (HTTP://)
. HostGator are WordPress especially.
. HostGator are providing a big server for unlimited websites & emails.
. HostGator are providing the 45-day money back guarantee.

3. register the domain name

first of all, go to HostGator website and choose a domain name for WordPress blog.

how to create a blog

5. start the new blogging

you can open the new window of Google and written “”. a new window is open and you can login username and password.

how to create a blog

you can be seen a dashboard of your blog.

looking left side of the dashboard and see you all menus.

if you want to publish a post on the blog. it just has to be published and go ahead.

you can be moving the mouse on posts and click here on add new menu and click here.

how to create a blog

you can see all features of the post if you want to publish a post.

title of post
content here

how to create a blog

click here to publish the page.

when the post publishes, you can see the post view on the page load.

how to create a blog

wahoo! I promised to create the blog in 20 minutes.


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